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Can vaping help reversing diseases caused by smoking

In an interview published on Ashtray Blog, yesterday on the 24th of November, Professor Riccardo Polosa spoke about his findings in regards to the effects of vaping on individuals suffering from asthma and hypertension (high blood pressure).

New Study Of E-Cigarette Users Finds Implementation Of FDA Deeming Rule Could Create A Black Market For Vaping Products And Drive Users Back To Tobacco

A new study released by the UK-based Center for Substance Use Research (CSUR) has identified the potential for serious adverse health effects to arise from recently implemented regulations governing e-cigarettes.  These include the...

E-Cigarettes Worth Try to Quit Smoking, Heart Group Says



Electronic cigarettes are worth trying as a last option for smokers seeking to quit, the biggest U.S. heart health advocacy group said.


The American Heart Association, in a policy statement released today, said physicians shouldn’t discourage e-cigarette use as a last resort to drop a smoking habit.


WHO report gives misleading view on e-cigarettes, experts argue



A World Health Organisation-commissioned review of e-cigarettes contains errors, misinterpretations and misrepresentations, meaning policymakers may miss their potential health benefits, a group of tobacco addiction experts said.


In a critique of the WHO's background paper on e-cigarettes, which acted as a blueprint for a WHO report last month calling for more regulation of the devices, the experts said its evaluation of the evidence was inaccurate.

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