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Chinese Spring Festival Notice

Chinese Spring Festival Notice


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DKiss is completely TPD Ready For You

Before Nov. 20, Dekang Group has successfully submitted series of Dkiss SKUs to the EUCEG system for half of the EU Countries.  Now welcome to all of your new orders!

Dekang is NOW TPD Ready for 250+SKUs

With 100% patience, perseverance and joint efforts of Dekang’s group, Dekang China and Dekang EU have successfully submitted more than 250 TPD SKUs to the EUCEG system for more than half of EU countries before November 20, 2016.  It is proud to announce that WE ARE READY !


Can vaping help reversing diseases caused by smoking

In an interview published on Ashtray Blog, yesterday on the 24th of November, Professor Riccardo Polosa spoke about his findings in regards to the effects of vaping on individuals suffering from asthma and hypertension (high blood pressure).

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